What Came Before

I am a 52 Year old woman, happily married to my beautiful husband Chris but very unhappy about my weight.  Let me tell you why!

I have always been very competitive and achieved whatever I have set out to do, apart from one thing, and that is, to keep my weight within a healthy range.  Like many of us, I always kept my weight under control but always 5 – 10kg above where it should have been. I have spent my adult life on a diet or punishing myself for not being stronger, thinner, or fitter. Once I turned 40 that control became a bit harder so I changed my lifestyle to incorporate more activity. Once I turned 50, that was no longer enough. Over the last year I have managed to put on 12kg, 15 since I turned 50.

There has been no earth shattering moment where I have decided its now or never but a number of small things that have all added up. I can no longer fit into my “fat clothes”, I have started to get heartburn all the time,  I can’t run the way I used to and Chris tells me I am now, a snorer. Delightful!

So the time has come…  Today is the first day of changing my lifestyle.

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