Day One and a Half…

Well, here I am getting towards the end of my second day.  Lets just say, it isn’t easy and I am hungry.  Actually, I am not sure if I am hungry or if I am craving things that I would normally have at his time of the day.  Whatever it is, it’s not much fun!

I have decided to start my weight loss journey with a carb detox. This is a structured program that runs for 3 to 5 days and aims to help level out blood sugar spikes and kick start your weight loss.  I would like to say that my first day was awesome and cheat free but I would be lying! You know what its like…. There was one glass of red wine left in the bottle, I couldn’t tip it out. I tried but I couldn’t do it.  I am only human, and I have read all those diet books that say get rid of the temptations in your pantry, so I did!  Apart from that, day 1 was awesome.

Day 2 started with a more determined outlook, after all, there is no wine left in the house.  I spent an hour sweating it out in the gym and have been dedicated to my meal plan.  I am a little low on the water intake but there is still time left. So I am seeing that day 2 will be more successful than day 1 so lets hope for some difference on the scale tomorrow morning.  After this first week I will go back to weighing myself weekly otherwise I get a bit obsessed with the scale.

To be a success I need to focus on changing my approach to food. I need to focus on each changing habit not on the scale.  The scale is so finite and the habits are an ongoing process so that’s where my focus need to be.

Result day 2: Alcohol free (yay), nailed the food plan and 500g down from first weigh in. 93kg. Go me!


What Came Before

I am a 52 Year old woman, happily married to my beautiful husband Chris but very unhappy about my weight.  Let me tell you why!

I have always been very competitive and achieved whatever I have set out to do, apart from one thing, and that is, to keep my weight within a healthy range.  Like many of us, I always kept my weight under control but always 5 – 10kg above where it should have been. I have spent my adult life on a diet or punishing myself for not being stronger, thinner, or fitter. Once I turned 40 that control became a bit harder so I changed my lifestyle to incorporate more activity. Once I turned 50, that was no longer enough. Over the last year I have managed to put on 12kg, 15 since I turned 50.

There has been no earth shattering moment where I have decided its now or never but a number of small things that have all added up. I can no longer fit into my “fat clothes”, I have started to get heartburn all the time,  I can’t run the way I used to and Chris tells me I am now, a snorer. Delightful!

So the time has come…  Today is the first day of changing my lifestyle.

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